No matter how you polish your nails, well groomed nails always helps to pull your entire “look” together! Here’s my latest gel manicure which features Nfu Oh 39 Flakie Polish! 

Today’s purchases! I am so terrible at putting on lashes. I’m determined to get it to work!

Prevent Concealer Creases!


Hello friends!

Talk about long time no post. I have no good excuses for you, so we’ll pretend it didn’t happen? =) So I’ve discovered a process that is so fantastic, I felt I had to share! 

Do you find that your under eye concealer tends to crease? Do you get that annoying settling line?? I do. Particularly because I have a terribly dry and eczema-ish under eye area. 

Firstly, let’s address why we get those creases. Lack of HYDRATION!! No matter what, always use a moisturizer under your eyes and on your eye lids. Doesn’t matter how inexpensive, or expensive it is. Some hydration is better than no hydration. 

Sometimes, no matter how much we moisturize that area, we still have those fine lines. That is where a wonder product comes in! There are two products on the market that are very similar and they will both do the job. What are they, you ask? L’Oreal Magic Perfecting Base and Lancôme’s Effét Miracle. These products are both primers for your foundation. 

If you’ve ever had the chance to test them and see the texture, you will notice that they are quite thick in consistency. Many people are turned off of the product because of this. However, the difference here is that the products help to perfect the “skin” and not just your foundation, which is what you see with many of the other foundation primers. If you were to apply either the L’Oreal or Lancôme primer to half of your face, you will notice they literally fill in the lines and make your skin look perfected. 

The trick to using these primers is to use a little, and use your hands. The warmth from your hands and fingers will melt it into the skin. These are great for all over your face, but I have found they are FANTASTIC for the under eye area for a few reasons:

1. It helps lock in the moisturizer you applied earlier.

2. It fills in the tiny hydration lines that you may have. (I certainly do!)

3. It creates such a smooth base for your concealer that you will not see any creasing!!

Overall, you cannot go wrong with either of these products. I have had both, they are very similar, though I do lean on the Lancôme side! Either way, your concealer woes should be gone and your face will thank you too! 

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments, please submit them to the “Ask Me Anything” section!

Jess =)

clockw-0rk said: what is a good pencil liner that i can put on my eyelid and tightline?

Hey thanks for the question!

I personally use any kohl liner and dip in into Clinique’s Brush on Cream Liner (a gel liner) and then I use it on my waterline, and tight line. This particular gel liner is the MOST waterproof I have ever found. The kohl pencil just acts as a tool to put the gel on the tight line and waterline. I’ve never used anything else because this works so well for me! Hope it works for you too!

GOSH BB Cream = Amazing!

  I’ve been terrible with reviews for so long; even after promising I would not be. I am so sorry! Refer to my “coming soon” post and let me know what reviews you would like ASAP. I am even more keen to write them when someone is curious about the product! This particular product is SO GOOD I had to get the word out as quickly as possible!

  I’ve heard many things about BB creams in the past months and I’ve always been curious about them. BB creams are also referred to as beauty balms or blemish balms, which are a moisturizer generally packed full of good stuff for your skin. Thus far, not many brands have had a good range of BB cream for deeper skin tones. I figure if I, as a NW35, was having issues finding a shade, there must be many others.

  Have no fear, GOSH is here. I admit I did my research before buying this product because I wanted to make sure it was worth the $22 CAD that Shoppers Drug Mart has it priced at. I only saw  the first four shades at Shoppers, unfortunately, but I hope that will change and they will carry “Espresso” soon. Chestnut was the appropriate shade for me.

  According to my research and the claims GOSH makes, the five shades will adapt to the slight variations within each tone. It is described as a, “foundation, primer, moisturizer”. The texture is gel like and I love the feel of it. A LITTLE goes SUCH a long way! I find it is a demi-matte finish and it does not budge! It is also WATERPROOF! I haven’t tried it under my foundation as a primer yet, but I imagine it will be lovely! It is easily layered as well.

  I wanted this product so I could have something quick to use on my days at the university without the high maintenance application of a foundation (I never apply my foundation quickly). My skin is relatively healthy and I am SO impressed with the coverage!! Way more coverage than I’ve seen with other BB creams. If you have some problem areas, a little concealer will do the trick!

  So if you’re in the market to try a BB cream, I HIGHLY suggest you try GOSH’s All-In-One BB Cream. It is worth the investment for every day use and I doubt you will be disappointed!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments please submit them to the “Ask Me Anything” section!

~ Jess ~

My Favourite Foundation

  Before I begin my review, let’s look at what Lancome claims for Teint Miracle foundation:


  • Enhances skin’s natural light. The complexion appears flawless, full of life – as if lit-from-within
  • Bare skin sensation, correction with translucency for a natural finish, as if matter-free
  • 18 hour hydration
  • Diminishes redness for a more uniform complexion
  • Non-irritating/doesn’t cause break-outs
  • Protects skin from UV damage

  They have much more to blurb about, but the above list is the most important part. I started using this foundation when I began working for Lancome a year ago. Ever since using it, I always get compliments about how my skin “glows” and is “radiant”. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked the glowing look since I was so used to a matte finish. Using this foundation has shown me that it is much better to have a little glow and radiance than flat matte finish alone! 

  As for the claims, I would have to agree with them. Obviously it’s fluffed up terminology to make it sound nice, but my skin does look radiant, there is very much a “bare skin” sensation as the foundation is not heavy at all, my skin never feels dry, my complexion is definitely even and I’ve never had break outs. As for the UV protection, I just have to take their word for it. 

  I highly suggest getting properly matched and asking for a foundation sample so you can try it at home. The most important part is for you to see it in natural light. I thought my shade was too yellow when I looked at it in the mall, but it is perfect in natural light (I use Bisque 9W). Every counter that sells Lancome believes in giving samples of their foundations for their customers to try, so don’t be shy to ask! After application I use a translucent powder to set the foundation and I’m good for the rest of the day!

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions or comments, please submit them to the “Ask Me Anything” section!

~ Jess ~

Excitement! - OCC Lip Tars

Photo from: Sudobeautify

  I am so excited for tomorrow! Why? I FINALLY found a place in my city that sells Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars in store!! 

  I’ve been wanting this product for over two years now. I never ordered it because shipping is $15 to Canada, regardless of how few I purchase and I was too nervous to bite the bullet.

  I will be purchasing the following colours: (as long as they have them in stock - which I hope they do!)

• Memento (a plum toned pink)

• Demure (a deep magenta type purple)

• NSFW (Not Safe For Work) (true red)

• Vintage (burgundy deep red)

  I will write a review as soon as I test their longevity of wear and my experience with them! 

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments please submit them to the “Ask Me Anything” section!

Jess =)

New Reviews Coming Soon!


I have been M.I.A for quite awhile. =( Between the end of last semester, Spring classes and working for Lancome again, I’ve been super busy! No excuse, I know, but I wanted you all to know I have A LOT of posts planned! I’m trying to write a few up so I can get them posting at a consistent pace!

For now, here are the reviews that will be coming soon! Please let me know if you would like a particular one to come sooner rather than later!

• E.L.F - High Definition Powder

• BH Cosmetics - 10 Colour Concealer Palette

• Essence - Kajal Pencil

• Clinique -  Pore Refining Solutions: Instant Perfector

• E.L.F - Makeup Mist and Set

• UltraFlesh - Tinted Moisturizer

• Lancome - Rouge In Love Lipstick

• Lancome - Teint Miracle Liquid Foundation

• Joe Fresh - Matte Nail Topcoat

• Joe Fresh - Cream Blush

• SensatioNail - At Home Gel Nail System

Talk to you all soon! If you have any questions or comments please submit them to the “Ask Me Anything” section! Thanks!

Jess =)

Anonymous said: Lol half of your followers are on tumblrdatinggame(.)com

didn’t realize that, lol

Anonymous said: Do you do tutorials? I bought the Maybelline Forest Fury and Im rather new to make up...

I don’t do video tutorials at the moment but if you’d like I can do a step by step photo tutorial based on the look you would like to achieve! (Natural, dramatic, etc.) Just let me know what you’re looking for and I will figure something out!

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